Jun 20, 2017
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A listing of the top 50 largest acute care hospitals in the US; ranked by size and specialty rank.
Jun 02, 2017
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This white paper includes findings from the OPG Perspectives Summit convened by McCann Managed Markets at the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) Annual Conference, which included C-suite executives from 9 leading organized provider group (OPG) organizations. The white paper explores trends and market forces affecting OPGs and identifies opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacturers to partner with OPGs to develop mutually beneficial programs addressing areas of shared interest.
May 22, 2017
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The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the successful execution of hundreds of thousands of trials of new drugs and vaccines. Gene therapy trials are unique, combining established experience and new approaches previously unnecessary for developing new drugs.
May 04, 2017
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This paper will focus on the challenges with collecting data required for a protocol and best practices to address them. Learn how to meet the demands of modern trials with modern, cloud based electronic data capture (EDC) systems that enable you to run the trial you want.
May 04, 2017
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Virtually engaging Healthcare Professionals in a meaningful dialogue provides deeper engagements, opening up more possibilities for the delivery of brand and disease information for providers. Virtual pharmaceutical representatives, supported by state of the art technology are evolving the way pharmaceutical industry succeeds by seamlessly connecting brands to healthcare providers.

A state-of –the-art Virtual Engagement solution should offer fully integrated multi-channel contact capabilities for:
• Prescriber Education
• Program Transitions
• Prescriber Re-Engagement
• Patient Awareness and Education
• Disease Awareness
• Lead Generation
• White Space Coverage Programs
May 01, 2017
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The ongoing advances in cancer immunotherapy together with precision medicine may promise a bright future for patients. Learn about the two most common biomarkers in clinical trials that are critical for the drug development process.
Apr 29, 2017
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In our rapidly changing healthcare system, the importance of PAs and NPs continues to grow in step with their increased contribution to patient care. Are you including these healthcare providers in your brand strategy? If not, we share compelling reasons why you should and targeted tips to get you started.
Apr 25, 2017
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Protein-based science will account for more than 25% of the bio-pharma global portfolio in the very near future. At the same time the shift in pharmaceutical manufacturing to more predictive and adaptive plants will aim to better serve patients , which leverage modular technology (POD), disposable components, Internet of Things, smart objects, remote control and augment reality The landscape for Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is rapidly changing with the shift toward large molecule and biosimilars manufacture of therapeutic solutions to address patients’ changing needs, while at the same time confronting the significant responsibility of always providing consistent product quality and efficacy independent of where they are produced.
Apr 19, 2017
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The approval of novel orphan drug designations continues to grow, while many existing rare disease therapies are receiving approval for expanded indications. With this increase Rare Disease Drug Development and broadening class of products, including some that target the same mutation or molecular defect, sponsors face new and significant market access challenges in securing reimbursement.
Apr 01, 2017
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Pharmaceutical brand marketers consistently face two challenges in structuring their sales forces – penetrating hard to reach whitespace territories, and maintaining prescriptions in vacant territories during the time they are uncovered. Successfully addressing these two concerns can be the difference between driving increased brand performance and simply maintaining the status quo or worse, losing market share to competitors.

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