Cough Drops And Breastfeeding

Cough Drops And Breastfeeding

Cough Drops And Breastfeeding: Natural Cures for a Cold or Flu While Breastfeeding

Hello moms…nice to meet you. Now I’m gonna share about how to cure a cold naturally without taking over-the-counter medicines for cough drops and breastfeeding.

I’m all congested I have like a mini-fever. I happen to have some stuff at home that we can take because I’m prepared for this sinus watch with sinus wash which is just a say line a saline solution.

That you do through your nose it’s not a fun situation but it separately it’s all natural and it won’t hurt the baby because you’re breastfeeding.

I also have this toasted sesame oil from Trader Joe’s. I don’t know if you guys heard about this, but basically what you do is swish it around your mouth for like a minute. It takes all the germs and lifts them out of your mouth and you spit it out obviously.

Then I’m gonna do some stuff to like help me relax. I’m gonna do a face mask that gonna make me more refreshed hopefully because it’s kind of minty.

The other thing I did was take, I took a really steamy shower to loosen up. I’m gonna say phlegm or like you know mucus or whatever that can help me breathe more. Because I could barely breathe this morning so that’s some of the things.

I’m doing and then sleep, so let’s run through it real quick. The number one thing to do I think is probably getting rest. I know that’s hard as a mom, so hopefully, you have a good support system.

My husband or mom and dad can watch the baby for a little bit. Then the second thing is this toasted sesame oil and swishes it around your mouth for a minute. I’ll choke he’s on the bed and he’s fine.

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I’ll probably do that right now and I’ll just take a swig just like you would with mouthwash. After that, I’m going to take the tongue scraper and make sure I get all the extra germs off.

Actually, I’m going to probably wash my mouth out with, this because sesame oil doesn’t taste. Make sure I get all the extra germs out.

This saline solution is not a fun activity. So we’re gonna put this little cap on you’re gonna go up to your sink Basin and you’re going to look down into it. You’re facing and looking down and then this thing goes in your right nostril going like towards the back of your head.

When we’re gonna squeeze until half of the solution is coming out everybody. I did the sinus wash I’m gonna know why that was hard. I’m already sick but it was like whoa, but a good thing that’s gonna help me throughout the day hopefully.

I’m now gonna try to do a facial to help myself like relax from that craziness with this mask of Ming Magnum MIDI from lush. I put the facial mask on, I’m gonna leave this on for like 10-15 minutes. Then get I’m gonna take a nice steamy shower to help myself relax and open up those lungs and stuff like that.

My kid has been sick, so what we did was I’m gonna make her some soup. Basically regular Bowl heat up some rice some seaweed. She loves seaweed then I put some seaweed in Vincent miso soup right here boil the water. You can input the seaweed in the miso soup, and then you got your homemade.

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After eating all of them, she gets better, so we’re doing I’m waiting for the water to boil and Qin is sleeping right now. Once she was kind of getting okay, sort of starting to wake up right now. I’m gonna make this for her and thanks, she gonna feel better after that.

I hope this story cough drops and breastfeeding, which I experienced can make you inspired, thanks for reading.

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