How Much Caffeine Can I Have While Breastfeeding

How Much Caffeine Can I Have While Breastfeeding

Coffee and Breastfeeding: How Much Caffeine Can I Have While Breastfeeding

See me again… I want to talk about breastfeeding and coffee, and how much caffeine can I have while breastfeeding. So many of breastfeed moms ask questions of it. If it’s safe for you to drink coffee and whether they affect your baby, and I want to just give you some of those answers and hopefully clarify your questions.

When you’re breastfeeding and having coffee, your body’s actually less efficient digesting or detoxing the caffeine. That means that the kept the caffeine from the coffee stays in the blood for a little bit longer than usual.

Just keep in mind give you a little bit more sensitive to that caffeine and yes caffeine is detected in breast milk. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for them for the caffeine to actually enter the breast milk.

So if you choose to have coffee the best thing to do is to breastfeed first and then have the kept coffee or you could also sort of breastfeeding. Then halfway through stop to have your coffee because it’s not gonna enter the milk straight away.

It takes about 20 minutes so that’s the way to make sure that you’re minimizing the caffeine that the baby is getting now.

Let’s talk about health and coffee for the month and for you as a mom. When you’re breastfeeding, your nutrient requirements are much higher than normal. I mean you’re you’re creating breast milk to nourish your baby. And to help them grow so that this takes a lot of nutrients.

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Actually, when we consume coffee excrete a lot of our nutrients. When we urinate because caffeine is a diuretic. It’s quite depleting and it’s not what we’re looking for. When we’re breastfeeding so it’s not an ideal thing to have.

However I do understand that you might feel fatigued, and you’re you’re probably up a lot of the night. And I do understand and decide to get a little bit of energy from the coffee. So consuming it every now and then it’s not a problem but ideally avoiding having coffee on it on a daily basis in regards to your baby.

If you consume coffee and there’s caffeine in the breast when you breastfeed, it’s a really good idea to keep an eye on your baby. Some babies don’t really respond to the caffeine and might be fine. But generally, you will see that babies get fussier and their sleep patterns could get a bit out of whack.

Look that’s the last thing we want as new mums. We definitely do not want our babies to be sleeping less, so just keep an eye on your baby. See how your baby’s responding but generally, I would always suggest avoiding having caffeine and breastfeeding within two hours after drinking your coffee.

You can drink your coffee after you breastfeed and allow for two hours to pass before you breastfeed again. You want to also just make sure that if you have coffee with milk in it just keep an eye on your baby.

And see that your baby isn’t reacting differently after you consuming dairy and also in general. If you’re consuming dairy, not all babies respond to it and your baby may be just fine handling the milk and you’re for the dairy and your diet. But some babies do get fussier they might get a bit of a rash and warm you to see and just change in behavior.

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It’s really important for you as a mum to detect these small changes in their behavior. It’s not always that obvious, so just be really really attentive to these changes in your baby.

That will help you actually clarify whether your broad baby is responding to something you’re eating and that really can save you a lot of time.

I hope this how much caffeine can I have while breastfeeding article gave you some answers to some of your questions, and always be an awesome mom.

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